Which job has highest salary in India 2022

Top Highest Paid Jobs of 2022 in India

Which job has highest salary in India 2022

Investment Bankers

When you’re an investment banking professional you could think of a truly promising future. An extravagant lifestyle and spending massive sums of money on the things you want to pursue. Much like the movie ‘ Ye Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and ‘Ye Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara,’Hritik Roshan (who portrays the part of an investment banker) is living the most luxurious of his life. You could imagine living a king size life just like him.

If you think about your future, you could be working in a bank that deals with capital for businesses or government agencies, as well as other entities as well as managing huge amounts of money, handling major transactions such as mergers and acquisitions (M&As) and many other things, that are related to mergers and acquisitions, then this is the job for you. In essence, you are charged with the responsibility of managing cash and growing it many times. Before you begin your career in this area examine the pay packages that will be available in the field of investment banking.

Salary Package

Fresher: Rs 12 LPA

Intermediate: Rs 30 LPA

Experienced: Rs 50 LPA

Chartered Accountants

In essence, if you’re facing financial difficulties They will to assist you in getting out of your financial mess. It could be GST reform or any changes in the tax strategy of the federal government salary-related problems or ways to make tax savings and be there to help.

CAs are employed in all areas of the economy, regardless of the nature or type of business. They form the foundation of our economy and offer assistance and advice on controlling finances effectively. A CA is an expert in providing various accounting services, including audit and tax for clients like individuals, businesses and even management consultancy.

The field of accounting is vast and, naturally, should you be considering a path towards becoming a chartered accountant, you should not give it any thought. You’ll earn a good salary and the figures below will prove the growth in your finances.

Salary Package

Fresher: Rs 5.5 LPA

Intermediate: Rs 12.80 LPA

Experienced: Rs 25.70 LPA

IT & Software Engineers

The huge growth that the IT explosion has brought to the service sector of India is a indication of the need to plan for a career in this area. Top multinational companies all over the world are praising the high quality of Indian IT and Software engineers and are looking forward to hiring them.

The world is shifting toward a digital world and initiatives like “Digital India” can be an additional incentive for those professionals who want to work in this sector. The education industry and manufacturing, robotics, E-Commerce and everywhere, software engineers are highly sought-after. Based on their abilities and their precision for the job, their wages are established.

A large number of entrepreneurs employ IT and software experts as they form the foundation of the digital economy. Without their assistance businesses would not be able reach worldwide market. The amount of money they earn confirms that professionals are important to the success of the company.

Salary Package

Fresher: Rs 3.5 LPA

Intermediate: Rs 8.3 LPA

Experienced: Rs 15.5 LPA

Oil & Natural Gas Professionals

In a study by IBM (Business Monitor International) in which it was discovered that from 2015-2020 the refinement of the capacities for oil across Asia Pacific will grow by 4.26 percent. Another study shows that 36 percent of India’s primary energy consumption is covered by oil. Additionally, it was discovered that India will be among the biggest users of crude oil alongside China. Both nations will account 35 percent of world’s additional energy consumption.

A career in this area could also provide you with an chance to travel to middle eastern countries that are rich in reserves of natural gas. Professionals in this field receive a good salary and help the economy to become self-sufficient..

Salary Package

Fresher: Rs 3.5 LPA

Intermediate: Rs 8.3 LPA

Experienced: From Rs 12 – 15.50 LPA with additional perks

Business Analysts

Are you a problem solver? Do you feel comfortable proposing solutions to complex issues? If these characteristics are in your DNA, then you should consider becoming an analyst for business. Keep in mind that your love for numbers and the analytical mix of mind are also attributes that you must possess in this field.

As a business analyst you’ll be asked often to create technological solutions to business issues. The business world is no longer reliant on old technology, instead there are modern software tools that analyze and mine information to anticipate the development of businesses. In these cases you’ll be paid a huge amounts of money. You’ll be considered an excellent resource since your information can help the organization to formulate strategy and plans for the future.

Salary Package

Fresher: Rs 6 LPA

Intermediate: Rs 8.5 LPA

Experienced: Rs 11.50 LPA

Doctors / Medical Professionals

An ancient Jewish philosopher Maimonides once stated Maimonides once said that ” The physician should not treat the disease but the patient who is suffering from it.” Every person in all walks of life will look up to you as God’s son since they trust you with helping them save their lives. It is obvious that the nature of the profession will never experience any decline, as over the course of the average life span of a person, visiting doctors has become an everyday routine.

Even for those who are looking to live a healthy life and aren’t suffering from any health issue, seeing an expert is essential to prolong their lives. For doctors, the first phases of his career demand some effort. Once you’re familiar with the complexities and are aware of the specifics of dealing with patients it is possible to start your own practice.

Medical professionals have a wide opportunity to earn when they are associated with companies in the field of healthcare and are employed by them as part-time physicians. When you’re medical doctor, there’s no turning back in your future. You’ll be the solution for every patient who suffer from illnesses.

Salary Package

Fresher: Rs 4.8 LPA

Intermediate: Rs 8.10 LPA

Experienced: Rs 17 LPA

Lawyers / Legal Experts

The idea of imagining you as a lawyer can fulfill two purposes, serving as social workers, and make a lot of money for a job that is done properly. As lawyer, you’ll not be unable to find work as there are thousands of legal cases (be it civil, criminal corporate, or other) which are still in the stack and awaiting the outcome.

Many businesses employ their own lawyers and pay large amounts of compensation to them. In the end, a lawyer is entrusted with the moral obligation to act as a protection for the company from threats from the outside. In a world where the consumer has the upper hand’ the lawyer assists the business to settle their disputes and prevent the brand from becoming tarnished.

A further benefit is the reputation of the lawyer who is held in high reverence and respect. For any legal issues, you will always come to the rescue of the individual/group/party/organization in trouble. If you do not intend to join any organization, you could start your personal practice. It’s your ability to prevail and handle your client and case that will earn you name and recognition along with the cost you charge for your services.

Salary Package

Individual Practice – Senior Attorney: 9.5 LPA

Corporate Lawyer: 5 – 6 LPA starting

These are the most lucrative jobs for 2019 in India that can help you improve your financial standing. If you choose one of these areas for your career is sure to give you an advantage over the competition.

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