Cross-border marketing

If you want to expand your eCommerce business, then dealing globally may be correct for you. And these are some challenges you may encounter and how to deal with them.
Thanks to initiating global shipping, it has never been effortless for online businesses to unlock their online store doors to the world. And the great news is that there is a greedy market of international customers out there, finding to attempt and purchase from overseas brands.

A current research discovered that 57% of online customers performed a minimum of one buy from a company established in another country in October 2021, while this year, cross-border eCommerce is increasing rapidly across the world and predicting to highly expand in the future. So, it is crucial to understand all the complications and the ways to overcome them.

But before diving into adding the slogan “We deal globally” on your eCommerce website. It is essential to regard some of the barricades to global deals. For instance, there are global shipping complications to manage priorly if your eCommerce business and your customers are having an effortless experience. In a huge and various world featuring numerous languages and traditional distinctions, you are almost specific to experience some complications.

So, let’s evaluate how to deal with global a complication while being conscious of the general traps and bearing the correct moves to overwhelm them is the primary factor to your business’s success. Continue reading for more detailed information.

Dealing with the incorrect payment processing platform

Similarly preferring the right place is crucial for brick-and-mortar stores. So, it is choosing the best global eCommerce platform for your growing business. The previous legacy strategy, specifically one that was tailored-made for you when you were beginning, may incredibly hamper your ability for development. As you grow into new markets and nations, you may experience issues with your payment platform initiate to rise up. It may work to manage with numerous currencies, need more and more third-party applications to deliver general functions, or be incompetent in functioning with advanced technologies such as chatbots or AI artificial intelligence.

How can you overcome this?

Always be ready to complete your homework. The eCommerce market is a congested one and content management systems such as Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce are just some of the primary members. Prepare a list of the mandatory features of your eCommerce set up such as personalization, adjustability, and also prices to assist you in filtering the suitable ones for your business requirements.

Regarding the online industry. Few countries have complicated restrictions for foreign merchants desiring to deal with global customers. That’s where marketing in a marketplace can be advantageous. China’s Tmall Global, for instance, is particularly established for overseas brands. You don’t need to acquire a physical commodity in China or Chinese business registration to market on the platform, and you can also receive transactions in your native currencies. Just be cautious of the costs every platform assesses.

Selecting the incorrect marketplaces for offering your services

There are more than 200 countries that are there to select one from them, but not everyone will be suitable for your business. Moving further and growing too fast can be an expensive error. However, before understanding this, you have already traded in localizing your website for a market that actually has zero interest in the product or service you are marketing.

How can you overcome this?

You will need to conduct proper research. Discover the top leading product varieties in the country you want to market. So, you must focus on the largest online merchants in the nation also, what are they marketing? At what pricing structure? How do they deal with themselves on social media platforms? You must also specify some of your rivals and which nations they market to. And after all, if they are marketing there, then it is due to the increasing demand.

Not comprehending your focused market comprehensively

Regrettably, your attempted and verified domestic sales technique can’t just be duplicated and pasted for all global markets. Customer online purchasing habits differ greatly between countries. Such as a customer in Italy is not going to acquire similar predictions and choices as one in China. If your eCommerce website is not customized as per the business requirements, then you may lose numerous sales possibilities.

Personalization implies much more than just rephrasing your website into the local language. Regarding too: do customers there choose online shopping through an eCommerce platform or mobile shopping application? Can your eCommerce business adapt that? How about where to market to expect which social media platforms are most prevalent? Or do customers opt for communicating through messenger applications? There are also multiple trends you may not be familiar with – in China, for instance, live streaming is an integral part of online deals. If you don’t understand these factors, how can you enhance your sales technique?

How can you overcome this?

Think internationally, act locally. You may have huge global purposes for your eCommerce business. But you now also require to behave each focused nation as a particular commodity with its personal shopping choices and manners.

WebPays’s entire and no-cost country manuals have all the perspectives you require to successfully contend with and sell to customers in every marketplace. From the leading eCommerce product classifications to the top delivering methods. Moreover, these ideas will also assist you with your custom, pivot, and adjust your services to fulfill your requirements.

Not providing customers with suitable payment methods and multi-currency options

Online customers are 70% more potential to conduct a buy if their selected payment method is available as a method at the checkout page, but precisely what that selected method is will differ as per the country’s rules and regulations. You may be amazed to understand that in some regions, cash on delivery is also a significant method. And which is something that can be challenging for abroad merchants to guide. So, there are multiple “buy now pay later” methods, online wallets, and also transactions through messenger applications to regard.

How can you overcome this?

Conduct proper research on global payment gateway methods, discover which is the most preferred payment method in your focused country, and then function to implement them at your checkout platform. Delivering more than two or three payment methods plays a significant part in expanding your client base.

Focus on associating with a secure and reliable global payment gateway that offers multi-currency transactions along with numerous payment methods. Because the more you deal around the globe, the more beneficial this association will become.

Pricing structures must be visible on your website in the local currency. So, that the customers can be able to settle transactions in the same currency effortlessly. Be cautious of online scams. Understand more about the prominent fraud networks and online scammers’ strategies.

Display all prices on your website in the local currency, and allow your customers to settle transactions in that currency, too. If you face any sort of fraud issue from the initial stage, then before shipping the ordered products or services you must divert to the bank transfers as soon as possible.


After knowing all the complications and their solutions, it is essential to know that before finalizing a payment gateway provider for your global transactions. You will need to conduct proper research and understand all the aspects completely of your preferred payment processing platform. As per the expert’s advice, you can also opt for WebPays. WebPays delivers global payment processing solutions with multiple global benefits. At last but not least, analyze your business structure, your focusing marketplaces, and your preferred countries well before finalizing an online payment processing platform.

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