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Jacksonville, NC is a city that has a lot to offer. From sports to culture and cuisine, you’ll never be bored here. But if you want to go beyond what’s available in our thriving metropolis, then this guide will get you there! We’ve gathered information on everything from museums and parks to nightlife hotspots and more.

So whether you want to learn more about Jacksonville itself or explore beyond its borders into nearby towns like Atlantic Beach or Greenville SC , then read on!


If you have a friend who loves to read, or someone you know who is looking for a great gift this holiday season, then I have the perfect thing for them.

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Cover Type: Hardcover

A hardcover book is a physical object that you can hold in your hands. It’s made of paper, which means it has a smooth surface and feels nice to touch. Hardcovers have covers with flaps (the part where the pages are). Dust jackets are also known as dust jackets or slipcases, because they enclose the entire book like a jacket would for clothing, but they’re not attached to it—they’re just there on their own!

You might be wondering: “So what if I don’t care about these things?” or “Why am I bothering learning this?” Well…I thought it was important enough that we should cover them together!

Dust Jacket Material: Paperback

The dust jacket is a protective cover that is usually made of paper or leather. It’s printed with the title and author, bound in at the spine, sewn to the binding and sometimes decorated with images or designs.

Number of Pages: 146

The book is 146 pages long, which means it’s a hardcover and paperback.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Simon & Schuster, Inc., is a multinational publishing company headquartered in New York City that publishes and sells books under the Simon & Schuster imprint. It is one of America’s largest book publishers and distributors with more than 575 offices worldwide including those in Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean as well as Australia, India and China.

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The Jacksonville NC area has so much to do and see, it’s hard to know where to start. This guide will help you get started on some of the best things to do in Jacksonville NC.

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