how to setup google chromecast

The only thing missing from the fantastic streaming gadget are guidelines for how to set up Google Chromecast. So, if you’re feeling a little lost, we’ve provided you with everything you need to get started with one of the finest streaming gadgets.

But before you begin binge-watching anything on the Internet, you’ll need to get the gadget up and running. The Chromecast setup procedure is typically straightforward and obvious, but if you get confused at any point, this guide can help you figure out what to do next.

And the next steps are included just below the initial set-up instructions. The first thing you can do is ensure that your Chromecast with Google TV 4K and Chromecast with Google TV HD are providing you with the finest suggestions.

Instructions for configuring the newest Chromecast with Android Tv (which includes a remote and apps) differ significantly, so we’ve included a separate section at the bottom of this page.

Setup Chromecast: 

  1. Connect the Chromecast to your TV. This stage of the procedure is virtually error-free. Connect the Chromecast to the HDMI connection on your TV and the USB cable to a suitable port or power source. Just keep in mind that if you’re using a 4K-compatible Chromecast Ultra, you’ll need to plug the converter into an outlet because a USB port won’t provide enough power.
  2. Install the Google Home app. The Google Home app may be downloaded from the Google Play Store or even the Apple App Store. However, most Android smartphones should already have it preloaded. You don’t need the Home app if you’re connecting a Chromecast with such a PC; simply having Google Chrome downloaded is sufficient. Follow the instructions on Google’s Chromecast page.
  3. In the upper left corner, click the Plus sign.
  4. Choose Set up device. It’s worth noting that you could see a popup at the bottom of your screen to create a new streaming device; this will also function.
  5. Choose New devices.
  6. Select the home in which you will install it. The Chromecast will now be configured via the Google Home app. You don’t need to do anything but press the Continue button when requested.
  7. Choose Chromecast.
  8. Within the bottom right corner, tap Next.
  9. Tap Ok to confirm the four-character code displayed on the screen.
  10. Click I agree to accept the legal small print.
  11. Choose whether or not to share your data with Google.
  12. Inform Google Home of the location of your device.
  13. Connect your Chromecast to a Wi-Fi network.
  14. Press the Continue button.
  15. Select Next to enable Google Assistant just on Chromecast.
  16. Add or remove a set of service choices. You’ll have radio, video, and live tv options.
  17. If you wish to receive emails regarding Google hardware, click Sign Up.
  18. Press the Next button.
  19. Participate in the tutorial (optional)

If you’ve never been using a Chromecast before, you should let Google Home show you how Casting works. Choose Learn How to Cast and follow the on-screen instructions.

How to Connect Chromecast to Google TV:

  1. Connect the Chromecast and Google TV to a power outlet.
  2. Connect the Chromecast using Google TV to the HDMI port on your television.
  3. Press and hold the Back and Home keys on the Chromecast control as shown on the screen.
  4. Choose your language
  5. From the Google Play Store or even the Apple App Store, download and launch the Google Home app.
  6. In the Google Home app, tap the Set up Chromecast button.
  7. Designate a “home” for your Chromecast using Google TV. This is essentially how consumers divide smart home technology between sites.
  8. Allow the Google Home app to use your device’s camera.
  9. Launch the camera app on your mobile and scan the QR code of your TV.
  10. Accept Google’s legal terms twice.
  11. With Google TV, determine the location of your Chromecast. If you like, you may name your Chromecast on Google TV.
  12. Join a Wi-Fi network.
  13. Sign in using your Google Account, and you’re about there.
  14. Agree (or disagree) on the exchange of location and diagnostic data.
  15. Allow (or refuse) Google access to the applications on your smartphone.
  16. Turn on or off Voice Match.
  17. Connect your apps and services.
  18. For your Ambient mode, choose Google Photos or Art. This serves as your screensaver.
  19. Choose whether or not to receive Google hardware-related emails. Now your Chromecast on Google TV is configured.

After You Set Up Chromecast: 

There are lots of additional things to know and figure out just after you set up your Chromecast. To begin, you may use a Chromecast to cast an Oculus Quest 2 to the TV, because we’re sure your family and friends might like to see what you’re seeing.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what you can do with your Chromecast, visit our guide to the top Chromecast applications.

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