How to Fill Axis Bank NEFT/RTGS Form in 2022 ?

This article will help you understand how to fill Axis Bank NEFT/RTGS form in 2022. The information provided here is for educational purpose only and not financial advice. We will talk about the step by step procedure for filling Axis Bank RTGS Form, which can be downloaded from their website.

It is important to note that the Axis bank does not offer any assistance over phone or email. If you run into issues while trying to fill your RTGS form online, then make sure that you are following all steps correctly as advised by us here in this article.

We will start with downloading your Axis Bank NEFT/RTGS Form from their official website:

How to fill RTGS form of Axis Bank?

  • Go to the Axis Bank website and log on to the site using your registered mobile number or landline telephone number.
  • Enter the required information like your name, account number, IFSC code and other details mentioned in the form that you want to fill.
  • After entering all these details click on ‘Submit’ button at last section of this page which will open another window where you can see all your transaction done by this bank with its customers across India through NEFT/RTGS transfers. We can also Check NRI Axis bank closure form.

How to fill the NEFT Form of Axis Bank

How to fill the NEFT Form of Axis Bank

  • Download NEFT Form
  • Fill Sender/Receiver Details:
  • Fill Transaction Details:
  • Fill Cheque Details:
  • Authorization (Y/N): Y

Download Axis Bank RTGS/NEFT Form

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Step 1 (Download Axis Bank RTGS Form):

  • You can download the RTGS form from the official website of Axis Bank
  • You can find the RTGS form under the customer service section on your Axis bank login page
  • You can also find it under “RTGS” section in your dashboard

Step 2 (Fill Sender/Receiver Details):

Fill the receiver’s account number, name and address.

Enter the receiver’s phone number if it is not yet filled in. Enter the sender’s IFSC Code and MICR Code (if available). If you want to send money through NEFT/RTGS mode then enter your PAN Number here too.

Step 3 (Fill Transaction Details):

In this section, we will learn how to fill transaction details in axis bank RTGS form.

Fill the name of payee in the first column.

Fill the amount in the second column.

Fill the date in the third column

Step 4 (Fill Cheque Details):

This is the last step of filling Axis Bank NEFT/RTGS form. In this step, you need to fill in the details of the cheque and enter its amount too.

  • Enter the amount in box “Amount” as mentioned above.
  • Enter number of cheque in box “Number” and click on next button after entering all required details for each box (Amount & Number).

Step 5 (Authorization):

Now, you have to enter your PIN number. Once you have entered it, click on ‘Next’ button and get a screen where you will see the details of your transaction. Here, enter all kinds of information like amount and date etc., as per requirements in this form. Then click on ‘Next’ button again to complete filling Axis Bank NEFT/RTGS Form in 2022?

Step 6 (Punch Acknowledgment):

The acknowledgment is a very important part of the NEFT/RTGS form. This is where you will have to punch your barcode, which is printed on your NEFT/RTGS form and submit it to your branch. The acknowledgment also shows that you have received and processed the transaction properly so that it can be transferred into your account at another bank or financial institution.

In this article, we will learn how to fill RTGS form of axis bank branch. Let us get started.

Axis Bank NEFT/RTGS form is the most important financial transaction in India. Axis bank NEFT/RTGS form is used by the customers to withdraw money from their account and make payment. To fill this form, you need to know how to fill axis bank RTGS form. In this article, we will learn how to fill RTGS form of axis bank branch. Let us get started:

  • What is RTGS?
  • How To Fill Axis Bank RTGS Form?
  • First of all, open your browser on computer or laptop and go to https://www.axisbankcom/
  • 2) Now enter the amount for which you wish a quote if it’s not given click on “Get Quote” button
  • 3) After selecting one option which suits your needs enter details like first name last name address phone number email address etc., then click on submit button
  • 4) Now wait for few minutes until process completes
  • 5) If everything goes well then get ready with screenshot image
  • 6) Once submitted screenshot image will appear in confirmation page
  • 7) Click on confirm button.


And so, you have successfully filled the Axis bank NEFT/RTGS form. All the best! Takeaway: Here are some important points to remember while filling out the Axis bank NEFT/RTGS form in 2022 . In a friendly tone

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