E-commerce SEO

Google is putting more emphasis on the quality of site content and how it affects its SEO performance. E-commerce is a case where the product file contains important information that can help promote good online positioning.


SEO checklist for product listings

For E-commerce SEO services for online stores, we have included this list to ensure you don’t forget any elements in your product file to rank your website in search engines.



Search terms are search terms that tell search engines about a website and allow them to index it correctly. Make sure the keyword is included in the E-commerce product page title as well as the product description.

While we are interested in search engines identifying the search term, it is important to remember that you are writing for buyers and users.

Texts should be read naturally. Keep your texts short and use simple language that is consistent with the brand’s “voice”.


Friendly URL

The URL is another element search engines use to index websites and understand their structure. Permalinks must present the tier structure or category of your site in an easy-to-read and navigable format.

A well-structured URL should contain the name of the product, the subcategory, and the category. Connectors such as “and”, “of”, or “with” should be avoided. Avoid underscores and hyphens. The URL should not exceed 150 characters.


Product Title

It is the first thing that users see when they visit a product page. It should be concise and clearly describe the product. The color, brand, and code can all be included.

You can include a keyword or keyword in your title without making it seem forced or losing its naturalness. CMS uses this title to generate URLs and Title metadata. Try not to exceed 60 characters.


Product Description

Your business product description is your best chance to position it. It can contain keywords and variations, which will help you attract users searching for similar keywords.

How long should meta descriptions be? Although the description should not exceed 300 words, the information must be useful and relevant for anyone who wants to purchase the product. If necessary, you can add additional information such as colors, sizes, and product sizes to tables, tabs, or lists.

Product Image: Each product must have at most one image in the online shop. Photographs of at least one angle of the product purchased facilitate the purchase decision.

Although search engines cannot identify them, they can identify their URL, image name, and ALT attribute.

Images on your website should have a descriptive and short name. Avoid file names such as “DSC006580”, “screenshot”, or “image 1200”.

The ALT attribute is at the code level and is invisible to the user. This field is required to be filled in when images are loaded by most CMSes. It should be descriptive as it will help the search engine understand the image.

Because images have a direct impact on the site’s performance and loading speed, their weight of them can affect their positioning indirectly.

You should limit the size of your images to 100kb. Your site shouldn’t exceed 2 MB. Next-generation formats like JPEG 2000 and JPEG XR are recommended to reduce image size and speed up downloads.



This information is what is displayed in organic searches and is included in the code for the product page. The keyword you wish to position must be included in both the title and meta description.

It is best to start at the beginning. Your site description should invite people to visit it.


Ratings and opinions

Search engines consider the product file to be a way to position your website. It allows users to rate and give scores to the product, as well as leave feedback. It is even better if the tab offers the ability to share the page on social media.


Structured data

Structured s Blocks are pieces of code that are added to a webpage and help the search engine analyze its content. Also, some CMS plugins make it easier to incorporate.

This information is used by Google to generate Featured Shortcuts, and it also allows Google to select the site based on a voice search.

The product file is an excellent opportunity to position your site. Although you should always think about the buyer, it should also be included in search engines’ indexes so they can include your product in the first place.

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