10 Essential Blood Tests You Should Get Regularly

Health is wealth. We have all come across this maxim right from a young age. This adage stands true. As long as you are healthy, you can do all tasks at ease. To remain fit and healthy, it is necessary to take care of your health consistently. By the word ‘consistently’ here, we mean to keep a track of your health at regular intervals. To do so, it is advised to conduct some essential blood tests throughout the year.

Indeed, after a certain point in time, we all go through some chronic issues or other. It can be blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides and the like. Blood constitutes a major part of our body. Therefore, conducting blood tests can help you get an idea about the recent status of your physical health.

When it comes to getting a medical screening, it becomes difficult for you to choose the best place. Since it is about your health, you will certainly not compromise the quality of the treatment or medical screening. Of all places, we recommend you to opt for the private blood test London for obvious reasons. the blood test UK is not only reasonable but also offers the best quality results. The blood samples are thoroughly screened by doctors and pathologists in London. In a way, you can expect to get the best report from a blood test UK.

What is the purpose of a blood test?

Wondering why doctors ask you to get a blood test London? The answer is simple. The blood tests help the doctor understand if the different organs of the body are functioning properly. In case any malfunctions can be detected through a blood test, the doctor can take immediate action.

The various health issues that can be identified through a blood test include HIV, diabetes, anaemia, coronary heart disease and cancer. Even if you are not suffering from a heart problem, a blood test can show you if the conditions of heart disease can be triggered soon enough. Another purpose that a blood test solves is to check if the medications that you are taking, are impacting your body positively.

Top ten important blood tests

Now that you have an idea about the importance of blood tests, it is time to focus on the different types of blood tests that a person should undergo. When it comes to detecting a health issue, the one-size-fits-all policy does not work. So, even if you and your friend have cancer, the doctor might ask you to take different blood tests, depending on the intensity of the disease. Therefore, without further delay, let’s check out the ten essential blood tests that can keep you healthy.

  1. Complete blood count

Through a CBC or complete blood count test, one can check the ten different levels of each blood cell including the red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. In this test, the major emphasis is given to the red blood cell count, hematocrit and haemoglobin. Having an abnormality in these components of the blood can lead to cancer, infection, immune system disorder and the like.

  1. Basic metabolic panel

A BMP of the basic metabolic panel takes an account of the eight different components in blood. These components include calcium, glucose, sodium, potassium, chloride, bicarbonate, blood urea nitrogen, and creatinine. To get this test done, you will have to either fast in the morning or not eat anything at least 8 hours before the blood sample has been collected.

  1. Comprehensive metabolic panel

A CMP or comprehensive metabolic panel involves all the measurements of a basic metabolic panel alongside testing the protein and liver function of a human body. The other components that are tested by CMP include albumin, total protein, alkaline phosphatase and more.

  1. Lipid panel

Through a lipid panel, a doctor gets to know about two different types of cholesterol – good cholesterol or high-density lipoprotein and bad cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein. The high-density lipoprotein is good for your body as it eliminates harmful substances from the body. on the other hand, the low-density cholesterol of the bad cholesterol is harmful to your body as it can give rise to plaque inside the arteries of the body.

  1. Thyroid panel

Also known as a thyroid function test, a thyroid panel assesses how well your thyroid is producing body hormones as well as how they are reacting to the different enzymes of the body. This test ascertains the T3, T4 and TSH in the blood. Abnormality in these three levels can lead to a lack of protein in the body, disorder in the growth of the thyroid and abnormal levels of estrogen.

  1. Cardiac biomarkers

Generally, it is the enzymes that help your body digest food and prevent blood clotting. However, an abnormality in these enzymes can develop different hazardous health conditions such as creatine kinase, troponin and creatine kinase MB.

  1. Sexually transmitted infection tests

Blood samples can help you gain insights into sexually transmitted infections. These blood tests are sometimes done in combination with urine samples. Also, the doctor prefers collecting body swabs from the infected region of the body for gathering more accurate results. These are the sexually transmitted diseases that can be tested through a blood test – herpes, HIV, syphilis, gonorrhoea and the like.

  1. Coagulation panel

The purpose of a coagulation panel blood test is to check the time your body takes to clot blood and how your blood gets clotted. People suffer from lack of vitamin D, leukaemia, thrombosis and liver condition.

  1. DHEA-sulphate serum test

The purpose of the DHEA sulphate serum test is to check if the level of DHEA hormone is too high or too low in your body.

  1. C-reactive protein test

In a C-reactive protein test, a doctor checks if your liver is suffering from any inflammation. High levels of C-reactive protein can cause bacterial or viral infection, cancer, and autoimmune diseases.


Now that you have an idea about the different essential private blood tests that you should conduct to remain healthy, do not procrastinate the process. After all, it is your health and you need to be aware of it. Consult with our Private Doctor and see if your body needs any treatment.

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